How to Move a TV

When you’re moving home, moving your TV can be tricky if you don’t follow the correct steps. To make things easier, we’ve listed the correct procedure to make it a seamless experience:

1. Make sure all cords are disconnected and packed up in a box which is labelled for the correct
room that the TV will be going into. This will save time when reconnecting

2. If your TV is mounted onto the wall, remove the TV carefully and unscrew any brackets

3. Make sure your TV is cleaned/dusted thoroughly

4. Cover the TV with wrap or protective blankets – if using removalists they will be able to help
with this

5. If using a removals truck, always make sure that the TV is packed upright and tightly between
soft, sturdy items or tied to the side of the truck securely

Pack up cords

There’s nothing worse than getting to your new home and frantically looking for missing TV cables – your TV, aside from your bed is one of the most important things to set up! Make sure the cords are packed nicely without any tangles and placed inside a clearly labelled box.

Mounted TVs

Be extremely careful in lifting the TV from brackets or get a professional to do it for you to make sure there’s no damage to the TV. Remove the brackets from the wall and put in a safe place if you need to mount it on the wall in your new home.


Its best to make sure that your TV is cleaned thoroughly prior to moving to protect from dust particles – plus it will look brand new in your new home!


If you still have your TV box, place it back in tightly and securely. In most cases the box will have been
thrown out so protective blankets will do the job. If you’re using a removals company, they will be able
to do this for you as part of their service.


Again, if using a Perth removalist, they should know exactly what to do to protect your TV in transit. If you’re doing the move on your own and are placing it in a car or truck, make sure its tightly packed upright and wont move or fall forward when the car or truck is moving.

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