Balcony Lifts

Balcony lifts in furniture removals are part and parcel of the job. However, very few removalists in Perth will conduct complicated moves as they’re either inexperienced or don’t have the necessary equipment. Many people find themselves in the position where items that just won’t go up a tight stairwell and have to ring multiple removalists that will be able to assist.

At 2 Easy Removals, we have you covered. Not only are we thoroughly insured for any damage to your furniture and property but we are specialists at balcony lifts and one of only a few removals companies in Perth that can have this done quickly and safely.

We use specialised ropes, blankets and machinery when required to protect your items but it requires a tactical approach and skill. This is why you need the most qualified removalists to complete these moves. Anywhere from antique removalsfridges to marble tables, we move safely.

We can move your furniture with poor access ,on it’s own or part of your move. If it’s beyond our scope i.e 300kg’s plus, we happily recommend Andy at Forte removals.

Even if it’s advise you’re after, we are happy to help. Just call us on 6114 9428.