If you’re moving a heavy glass-topped table, apart from being heavy they can also be very fragile. Just make sure you’re exercising caution in the process when wrapping, moving and transporting it in a moving truck so it doesn’t shatter, or any damage is sustained such as cracks or scratches.

Don’t make the mistake or wrapping your table with bubble wrap; many people believe that this is the best option however it can cause damage to the table. As all tables are different materials, you need to know which wrapping and moving methods are best for each one.


Whenever possible, dismantle the table by removing the legs, and dismantle/remove all tops or glass parts and pack them all separately. This will make the table lighter to move and prevent any scratches to door frames or walls if there are difficult access points. It will also allow for more space in your moving truck. Once disassembled, wrap all parts in a moving blanket.

Marbles or Granite Tables

Even though marble/granite tables are heavy, they’re also easily breakable. When moving your marble or granite table top, always keep it upright when moving and storing. If you’re using a removals company, they should know exactly what to do when packing the table with moving blankets.

Glass Tables

Making sure that the table is packed properly will protect it from scratches during your move. If you follow these steps, it should be a breeze!

1. Use butchers or packing paper to cover the table-top completely and use table to secure the paper. Make sure no tape contacts the table, so using more paper will be the key.

2. Wrap the table-top with bubble wrap. The paper will act as a barrier so none of the wrap will come into contact with the glass.

3. Secure the table top into your removals truck between sturdy, softer items or tie to the side of the truck. If using a removalist in Perth, they will already know this procedure.

Moving the Table

Use lifting straps if the table can’t be dismantled. These will help with bad access or staircases. If using one of the many Perth removalists, always make sure that they have the right experience and equipment. If you’re doing it yourself, never place the glass flat onto the floor or put anything on top of it. This will cause the glass to shatter. Always be mindful of the length and weight too. If the table is over 2 metres in length, make sure you’re using 3 removalists, not just 2. If the weight is over 250kgs, a specialist dolly needs to be used.

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