Australia, France and the United States: a strategic long term relationship

When Australia selects France, it enters into an enduring strategic relationship with a complete submarine power.

France is a complete submarine power and has national policies to remain so. A complete submarine power is one that can safely design, build, operate and sustain any class of submarine on an enduring basis.

Whatever the future holds, only cooperation with a complete submarine power provides Australia with strategic choices.

Only France can provide Australia with:
  1. enduring and leading edge capabilities in stealth;
  2. sonar and other sensor technology derived from nuclear ballistic missile and nuclear attack submarines;
  3. the return on experience from long-range patrols;
  4. nuclear safety standards;
  5. technology development pathways;
  6. a complete array of research and development, and test facilities.

All of the above are planned to beyond the year 2080.