Sovereignty for Australia

France will deliver a sovereign ability to design, build, operate and sustain the Future Submarines within affordable costs, achievable schedules and manageable risks.

DCNS will transfer to Australia the knowledge to master the design of the Shortfin Barracuda. One example of this is the design of the Shortfin Barracuda which will take place in a complete three dimensional computer-aided design and manufacturing system.

All data will be fully transferred to Australia.

DCNS will also design the Shortfin Barracuda to ensure the optimum balance of capability, sustainability and cost. One example of this is the design of the quick access tech insert hatches to enable the removal and insertion of equipment for sustainment and upgrade.

Sustainment independence is achieved by the development and maintenance of in-country capabilities in the supply chain.

DCNS will build a supply chain in Australia that will support the submarines for the next five decades. This supply chain will have the in-country capability to deliver the products, services and know-how to keep the submarines operational, capable and available on an enduring basis.

Quick access tech insert hatch

- this is innovation