Allies for more than 100 years

Managing risk

DCNS has the know-how and return on experience to deliver the Future Submarine Program. DCNS is the safe pair of hands.

The Future Submarine Program will be Australia’s most complex industrial undertaking.

To execute the Future Submarine Program successfully, France will transfer all technology, know-how and resources necessary to achieve autonomy and sovereignty, a regionally superior capability and interoperability with Australia's allies.

France’s proposal includes a Government to Government Agreement from The French Ministère de Defence’s Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) to the Commonwealth of Australia’s Department of Defence and a binding written commitment to Australia.

Return on experience

DCNS is a proven partner, capable of managing the risks of the Future Submarine Program. DCNS has built more than 100 submarines for nine navies.

For example, the contract between DCNS and the Brazilian Navy, signed in 2009, covers the:

  1. design, production and technology transfer required for four Scorpène® type conventional submarines; and
  2. the design assistance and production of the non-nuclear part of the first Brazilian nuclear powered submarine, including support for construction of a naval base and a naval construction site.