The submarine enterprise

Australia understands the value and power of working in a submarine enterprise: a partnership between those who use the submarine and those who support them.

Today, Australia sustains the Collins Class submarines. In the next phase, Australia will design and build the future submarines.

The future submarine enterprise comprises the partner governments, institutions and companies which will work collaboratively to deliver a sovereign and regionally superior submarine capability for Australia.

However, the mature state of the enterprise will be something different again. In the mature enterprise the submarine knowledge base will spread into a network of Australian educational, research and development and industrial bodies.

In this mature enterprise the Platform System Integrator and a Combat System Integrator will work with the customer to set the most difficult of problems on the support network.

Australia has the chance to seize a once in a generation opportunity to form a submarine enterprise that is fit for its needs and become sovereign, enduring, autonomous, regionally superior and interoperable.

An example of a mature submarine enterprise is found in France. In partnership with France, Australia too can develop an enterprise to meet its needs.

Submarine enterprise evolution

Frances's submarine enterprise