The build

Phase 1

Production of
completed hull sections

In this phase, steel plates will be rolled into curved sections and welded into the internal frames. Suppliers from Australia and France will ship materials and components to Adelaide.

Phase 2

Production of
completed hull sections

In this phase, the tanks, pipes and equipment are mounted into the hull sections.

Hull sections are outfitted vertically (standing on end) before being returned to horizontal outfitting for remaining equipment.

Using modular production technologies, internal equipment is built, tested and then loaded into the submarine sections. Supply chains from around Australia will build internal equipment and ship to Adelaide.

Build Phase 2

This innovation is unique to DCNS

and is best for circularity and strength,

work safety and efficiency.

Phase 3

Final integration and
systems activation

After the outfitting of sections is complete, they are joined together to complete each submarine. Subsystems are tested and activated and the submarine begins to come to life. The submarine is launched and following extensive trials, will be accepted into service by the Royal Australian Navy.

Build Phase 2